About light system

Hello everyone new member here ///
can anyone help me in gdevelop5 that how to create spot lights in gdevelop5???

The “light” object (and dynamic lights) doesn’t exist on gd5, so you can only play on static sprite/images, with transparency, and sprtie effect (add, multiply). What kind of light you want to do ?

This was added to the roadmap recently:https://trello.com/c/M4Kwc67v/157-add-support-for-dynamic-lights-shadows-in-gdevelop-5

Also, as Kink says, you can try a gray sprite with conic shape and set the blend mode to ADD. Of course it won’t be occluded by objects nor project shadows.

Hey, I’m new to GD5 and I already read that light is not supportet at the moment but it would be very awesome if it would be supportet in the near future. :slight_smile: