About new look of layers section

Hello there

So about new look of the layer tab, there should be a option to bring the old layer look before 93 version. It just is too scuffed and confusing for me and probally other people too.

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Everything looks different, gdevelop tried to reduce the size of everything.
Presently i prefer the old design but its a matter of time.

We are open to all feedbacks, thank you for this!
We will be even more delighted if you have more specific opinions.
Which thing seems better to you and why?

Hey Bouh

The new “layers” option size, place and look in general seems more confusing for some of new and mostly for old users of Gdevelop. So it could be cool if there would be a option to change the look of it into the old look.
(I can send image of what I mean if you still have problem, sorry for my bad english)