Abrupt Stopping with Velocity Limit

Hi. I have an event that adds force of 100 when the right key is pressed:

I have an event that limits the velocity of an object after it gets to a speed of 750:

At a certain point (presumably when the object reaches a speed of 750) the object abruptly stops, then continues. I want the object to go continuously, with a cap of 750 speed. How can I fix this?

I am not sure than “force of angle” and “linear velocity” are in the same category.
It could be explain the problem that you encounter.

I’m not sure if that’s the issue. That’s the only way I can propel the object forward. I think the issue pertains to the velocity limit.

What happens if you change it to > 749, instead of > 750. Technically, I think at the moment it’s going up to 751, then going back down to 750 which may (or may not) account for the sudden jittery behavior?

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I’ll try that out, thank you

update: it doesn’t seem to fix the abrupt stopping when I change it to 749.