Accelerated growth with one click

once i click on the monster i want it to grow at a certain speed and fill the screen then stop and move on to the next scene. Also, the position of the monster should be a little more to the right.

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Hi stonecastle, you haven’t said what you’ve tried so I’m not sure if you already tried tweens and it didn’t suit what you want? Do you want the increase in size to be in steps like your video? If you want it to be smooth then it seems a perfect fit for a scale tween.

I don’t want to click repeatedly. just get one click. automatically grow. Switch to another scene when it fills the screen.

It seems like tweens would suit your purpose. Have you tried them?

Click on monster → tween scale of monster
  (you work out how fast you want it to be and what scale you want it to be
When tween finished → change scene

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nice ide. i added behavior tween but how i can start tween?

Something like this should work. Take note though that the scale factor on the tween works from the original size of the sprite. If you’ve resized it in the scene editor you’ll get a different result because the scale tween ignores the resizing.

thank you so much. i loved this behaivor. really good. now ok. final. i will work at sounds . it will finish. this game maybe short. but i will contunie game serie. escape game series.

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finish problem i dont understand.

to the next scene very quickly. before the finish.

Use a trigger once on the first event. Otherwise “monstertween” will get added a lot of times, Which causes strange behaviour with the tween (stopping way too early is one such effect).