Access a file even on Android

So the file system doesn’t work on Android.

But I need to include a couple JSON files for languages.

I want to access this json file even on android and change text box with it. Is it possible?

As you mentioned, file system events do not work on Android, so the answer is no.

If you give more context on why you would need a JSON file for a text box, we might be able to help more. JSON files used in the Yarn dialogue events are already loaded into your project resources, and therefore do not have any need for filesystem access.

For multi language


or es.json

my translator service accepts json so i think that easy.

You say it already compile in it so how i access that?

You would need to provide more context on where you’re using the JSON File.

If you’re using it in the “Load dialogue from JSON” event actions, those JSON files are already included as part of your game when you export. You don’t need filesystem access.

You could even just use the above mentioned action at the start of your game for each language, then decide which one to use based off the language selected by the player.

If you mean you’re using JSON files for text somewhere other than the dialogue system events, then no, you will not be able to load an external file (via the filesystem events) on Android.