Access parent variable dynamically

Hi :slight_smile:
In the wiki, it is well explained how to access child variables dynamically.
However I would like to access the parent variable in the same way, is it possible? It might look strange but it would be helpful.

For example, if i have 2 variables x, and banana, I would like to be able to access the variable banana using x as a text variable. Something like:

  • modify the text of the variable x : set to “banana” (a string)
  • modify the variable [VariableString(x)] → here I actually want to modify the variable banana.

Of course I could use a common parent V for all the variables I have in my game, so I could access easily to the child V[VariableString(x)]. However there might be a way to directly access dynamically the parent variable, isn’t it ?

It is the only way i am aware of.

Thanks for the confirmation. I’ll go that way then.

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