Accurate 3d model collision

so i made this model to test 3d collisions, and in the first picture, i turned off collisions to show how i’d like for them to work, and in the second is how they actually work; the player just hits an invisible barrier (since it’s the square bounding box of the object) and it can’t go inside the model, only having collisions with the parts that are actually modeled. Is there a way to make it so the collision only detects modeled parts?

Unfortunately, you can only have square hit boxes.

Your only option is to add a second (hidden) sprite with the height and width dimensions you desire, and use that to detect collision. I recommend you to place the origin of your 3d object at the center bottom so the 2d sprite will more or less keeps its edges the same

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i’ll give it a shot, for now i’m using square collisions like these and it seems to be working well, just wish there was a way to do it quicker