Action behavior for a group

Hello. I teach the basics of GDevelop to high school students. Everyone uses the latest version on Windows, but we’ve encountered a problem that only occurs for some people:

  1. I create a character with the character behavior.
  2. I duplicate it.
  3. I create a group and add both characters to the group.

Among the events, some can assign character behavior-related commands to the group: for example, they can simulate moving right or left by pressing a key. However, other students do not have this option.

How is this possible?

Hello, I believe this happens when not all the objects in the group have the behavior added to them.

If, let’s say, you have a group for enemies and you want to control them using the top-down behavior, then all enemy objects should have the top-down movement behavior added to them for the top-down commands show up.

Maybe the problem is some of the students forgot to add the behavior to one of the objects in the group.

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Thanks for the response. Actually, the students duplicated a sprite that already had the behavior, so both sprites could move normally.

Next week I will check again just to be sure, but I hope to find more information before the class.

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