Action For Physics To Add A Torque In Order To Reach a Specific Angle

So, I’m attempting to make an active ragdoll game not unlike a 2d version of human fall flat or gang beasts. The problem is (among other things [See here] ) that it would take a RIDICULOUS amount of events to get a part (ie the torso) to get a specific angle using physics forces. I dont have the patience to do this, and i feel it would make life easier for me, and other devs


Ragdolls make very fun games, and they are not hard to make in GDevelop. Most of the hard work is done by an extension called “Joint Connector” (or you can create physics joints manually). There is not a lot of documentation, but you can learn a lot from the game example and wiki.

Wiki: Joint Connector - GDevelop documentation

Example Game: Joint connector - a game example from the GDevelop game making app | GDevelop

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Actually, a motor joint to an invisible object with fixed rotation work perfectly

Here is the result, not finished, but it works