Action to "Destroy objects of the external layout"

This is very important if you want to remove external layout when is not need in certain point of the game, this will improve performance a lot and allow creators to make larger size maps

How do you know how much it will improve performance?
AFAIK, objects not displayed don’t impact performance. :man_shrugging:

Same as the other topic with the same issue:

I think it can be done with event sheet.

This would need a change to the way external layouts work. right now, they are nothing more than a list of object names with positions, rotations etc to spawn them at. We would need a system to mark an object as being from a layout, or make them layers or object to be able to control it efficiently.


It actually it does i have done much testing on it. The difference is only noticeable if you have a very large level with more than 5K objects