Activate Camera?

Any code available for activating the camera and keep the background transparent?

I need the camera to always be on so the player can look around their surroundings while playing.

I don’t see an option for that, but I’m a newbie so it’s probably right in front of my face - any hints?

I’m not sure what it is you want to do.
You can move the position of the camera to wherever you want. Usually it will be set to follow the player:

Do = Player.X() to  X position of camera
Do = Player.Y() to  Y position of camera

If you want to “look around” the player then you could move the camera with keys:

z key is pressed | Do -5 to  X position of camera

You could set limits on how far you can move the camera with something like:

z key is pressed                            | Do -5 to  X position of camera
X position of camera is >Player.X()-50

A “follow the player” behaviour will clash with a “move the camera with the keyboard” behaviour so you would have to set extra conditions to make sure that you can only move the camera with the keyboard when (for example) the player is standing still.