Actually Make Impassable Objects

I watched videos and read the wiki. I can’t find the action to separate objects, so I picked make object impassable, and the character I made went crazy and zoomed up the screen instead. Is some of the wiki too old and is there a different way to make a character not pass through the walls of a maze?

If you cannot find the action in the drop-down you can also type the name in the fields “search objects or actions” or "search <object_name> actions "

The ‘Separate’ action I believe can be found by first selecting your character object on the left, then it’s one of the sub-actions on the right.

Yes, it’s in the Position section. Sometimes search doesn’t work because the wording in the event sheet doesn’t have the same words as in the actions list when you’re choosing it. When this happens and I can’t find something I look for the icon.

Will try these thanks.