Adaptive icon for Android

Really powerful and easy GDevelop already has IAP extension (thanks to @4ian & @arthuro555), but doesn’t have adaptive icon feature for exported games :frowning:
So on Samsung phone, for example, icon fits while on another one it doesn’t.
image image

I would have tried to code this if only it was client-side feature. But actually it is also rely on server build machine.
Adaptive icon is just two layers of an icon, am I right?

Here’s one more example:

Does it look good for you, dear viewers of the topic?

It’s an Android phone with round icons. Stock Android’s launcher has round icons. Samsung’s launcher has square-like icons. So current GDevelop’s icon implementation isn’t fit all devices. Because of variation of Android devices, Google solved the problem with adaptive icon . But GDevelop users don’t see the issue :frowning:

Isn’t something related to the Android overlay?

No, it isn’t.
It’s just a two layers icon.