Add a "Change width" action for the Text Input object

Basically, I want to change the width of some text input objects to make a thing that generates a UI for different objects. (I already made it)


The problem is that the only way to work around this is to just:

Which still just feels choppy cause for a frame the input object is still in its normal width (:/)

So please add an action to change the width + height of a Text Input object

Can you hide the input, set its width, then show it? In order to try and avoid the choppiness…

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Ayyy that works :o

But still feels a bit choppy since… idk some frames delay to show ig (using a wait 0.02 seconds)

BUT STILL way it looks wayyyy better now, thanks for za suggestion!


but I still want that action tho

I feel like it is pretty important to add that


Why are you tweening, and not straight out setting the width?

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because there is no action to do so (:/)

+ i am generating the width based on the width of the paramName object, so can’t really set it in the editor

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Ah, my bad. It seems rather absurd you can tween a property, but not set it straight out in an action.


Will this be added, has it been added?

Not at this time.

It hasn’t been rejected as a feature request by the devs, so maybe one day?