Add a force to an object to make it move toward a position

Hi! I’m new user of GDevelop and i’m a lil confuse with some of the functions.

  1. When i use “Add a force to move toward a position” function and set my X=100, Y=0, Speed=100 it will move my object diagonally to the left side of the screen.


  1. When i use “Add a force” and set my X=100, Y=0, Force=1 it will move my object along the x-axis which is what I want.

What is the function of “Add a force to move toward a position”? It also cant set to the position that i want for example if I want my object to move to (X=100, Y=150).

Thanks for the explanation!


The first one lets you decide where you want to go (destination/position).
The second one lets you decide which way you want to go.

With the first one, X=0 will take you to the left border.
With the second one, X=0 means that you won’t move on the X axis.

Hi Gruk,

Thank for replying =) Is there any way i can see the coordinates of the screen?

“Coordinates of the screen” doesn’t make much sense. Maybe you want to show the grid, to have a rough idea of where is what?
If you want the coordinates of an object, you can click on it in the visual editor, or you can use the debugger.

ok thanks will try that.