Add a remote Preview

The preview on local network is already there and it’s great. But what if we could have an even better testing environement? I’m thinking of a way to remote preview. This would basically mean connecting mutiple client software (maybe directly GDevelop, or a separate “remote preview app”, or even both). Then there would be another preview optionwhere you could preview the game on some or all remote testing client (sending of the game files through web rtc and usage of firebase authentification to confirm identity of peer?)

This would be useful to for example preview on multiple different devices to find compatibility issues, or to do “test sessions” with beta testers in realtime where you can modify anything they notice and share the changes so they can continue testing.


I agree with you unreal engine 4 and unity has something similar for android device…also I thing the preview progress can be more better cuz while I use preview over local network and while I export the app I see many deference in window size ,object position etc .:slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, preview in browser not always give the exact same result. I was also recommending this long ago, 4ian did find it interesting and he told he is going to research how it could be done but the result was the preview on local network which doesn’t even work for me because of my firewall I guess or not sure why.
Don’t know if he was ever give this a second thought or he was considered the case closed with the preview on local network.

Anyway, I still would love to see this added :+1:

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