Add a scene variables shortcut similar to command palette

My suggestion is to add a new shortcut in the preferences tab that opens the scene variables.

But how does it have anything to do with the command palette?

If you hit Ctrl + P, you open the command palette.

When this new “scene variables shortcut” be called from a external event, it would open a tab similar to the command palette, but instead it would display a list with all scenes. (You would be able to search through it just like you can do in the command palette.)

And clicking one of the scenes would open its variable tab without exiting the external event tab.

This would be a faster method to open the scene variables tab.

Because if I were to go to the events list only to search for a scene variable event just to click on the arrow shorcut to open the list, I’d rather just change tabs and open it normally already.

Also, clicking on that arrow won’t let you choose what scene you want to modify the variables.