Add a toggle option to every action related to booleans


Every action which has a boolean parameter, such as:

“Enable layer effect”
“Flip horizontally/vertically”,
“De/activate a behavior” and others.

They all should have a new parameter called “Toggle the value”, it will kinda disable the regular Yes/No when it is marked, and what this parameter will do is already very obvious.

I want this to be implemented because it will reduce a little bit the amount of events to make a proper toggle on/off system.

And it would also be something beginner-friendly, some time ago, it was pretty common to see at the discord help channel a great amount of users who did not know what was wrong with their systems to toggle the layer visibility for example.

Those things would not happen if there was a “Toggle” option avaliable to be choosen.

Also, the action “Toggle the value of boolean variable” will be deprecated but it wont stop working