Add a way to convert a JSON string to a variable in the editor itself

My suggestion is to add a way of converting a JSON string to a global/scene/object variable, but in the editor itself.

Sometimes I find myself in situations where using events to create variables is benefitial for me (and way quicker than manually), but it is good only when you do multiple variables in one take.

To edit just few single variables I’d rather do it using a visual interface (the editor), but once you have a JSON string containing all your variables, you can only parse them to real variables in the application itself, so, I thought: What if we had a way of parsing a JSON string to variables at the editor?

It would be accessible through an arrow that displays an extra option in the [ + Add variable] button, it would look like this: [ + Add variable | v ]

Edge cases:

  1. If the variable already exists it asks you if you want to replace or omit it.
  2. For invalid JSON strings it displays an error message and nothing happens.