Add Alternative Reverse Loop option to sprites animations

I searched a lot for this feature but couldn’t find in Gdevelop.
A feature that i think will be very useful is the option for alternative looping which i think is called ping-pong, its very convenient and helps avoid sprites Duplication.
it basicly loops the animation but instead of restarting the animation from the first frame with the animation is finished, it loops in reverse .
For a reference the option can be found in both construct 2/3:


While this is an interesting idea, a feature like this is better suited for an extension. The events needed to make a reverse loop are pretty simple. Below I have attached a rudimentary example of the events.

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Thx! thats a clever workaround

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Coincidentally I made a personal behavior for that, if you are interested I can just export it and send the .json file here, but I will sleep for now and wake up in 9 hours.

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sure that will save me some time :slight_smile:

Is it a boomerang like going reverse and unpausing the animation normally at frame 0 or you go to frame 0 and want to skip to the last frame of the animation?

Edit: I will just add a toggle to choose between doing those or nothing when frame 0 is reached.

There it is:

the link is dead ,404 Not Found :frowning:

Ok perma link GDevelop extension - Animate backwards by Uiles

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Thanks!! its works perfectly

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