Add an easier way to add undeclared variables to the variable list

Now that variables need to be declared to use the new method of not needing the Variable() expressions. It would be helpful if it was easier to add them to the variable list.

There are several methods. Like in the previous version, the name box could have an autocomplete list of the variable that aren’t declared. There could be a button that adds all of the missing variables. The variable names in the list of missing variables could be clickable and clicking the name could add it to the list. The system would already know the variable type.


It would be great if it returned with the “autocomplete” option. Not because it’s necessarily the best option, but because it’s a bit difficult to readapt when a certain feature is removed…

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Change is difficult but what’s also going to be difficult is writing examples for people who are using an older version or the old method. Also, there’s no indicators for global or scene. So, it’s going to be tougher to create examples.

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I hadn’t thought about the examples and tutorials… that’s a good point. :thinking:

Ah, one thing I just realized now is that it’s possible to copy the name of the no declared variables. Of course it’s still a lot of work and the suggestions you gave are infinitely better, but suddenly this information helps those who hadn’t noticed it yet…

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Good catch. I wonder if that was on purpose. I imagine it was. But it’s not helpful unless you tell people. A popup would be nice.

You can also start to drag the name. Unfortunately, I can’t get it to drop.

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Undeclared variables still work? I can even still add those.

When selected, press control+c then go in names then control+v

Yes, copy/paste works. Just so we’re on the same page.

Undeclared variables still work when used inside Variable() but not with the new approach of adding the variable name to the autocomplete list and then letting you use just the variable name.

You can use
Instead of
Variable(A) * Variable(B) + Variable(C)

I’m just asking for an easier way to add variables to the variable list.

Oh ic, so you mean like the new method of let’s say, ‘Object.test()’ (which “test” is the variable? Yeah I know that.

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