Add an option to automatically save to the cloud when you save the project

I’d really like to have an option that can allow me to decide to save the project in the cloud every time I make the slightest change so as to always have the latest version of the project safe on the server in case something could happen to the files I have on my pc and that way I can always edit the latest version of the project from another pc in case I forgot to send the project to the cloud. I’m not asking for a mechanism that is always active, but precisely an option where we can do “:heavy_check_mark:” or not, so that anyone who needs the latest version of their project in the cloud can always have it. Personally I often forget to save the project in the cloud and when I do I notice a small error that I left or something that I forgot and that I have to fix in the desktop version, that’s why I would like to have such an option, so every time that I click on the “save” icon I know that I have the same version in the cloud too. Sorry for my bad english :sweat_smile:

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