Add array size as a condition function

Can we have an array size function available under the Variables section of the Other Conditions tab?

As it stands, to check the size of an array, we use the “Compare 2 numbers” function, found under the “Other” section on the “Other conditions” tab.

This seems counter intuitive, and a size function should logically be included in the variables section. We already have a Child Exists for structures under the variables section, and Array Size is similar in terms of the function’s purpose.

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Not commenting on the validity of this request either way, but I do want to clarify that I don’t think there is an intent nor goal to recreate every expression as a condition, especially ones that are already possible via a single condition.

Again, not a confirmation/denial/etc on this specific request, but wanted to clarify that incase others were wondering why some expressions aren’t present as conditions.

It is a single condition, but it’s made using nested functions, making it a more convoluted for newbies than a specific condition. And as there’s already a similar single condition for structures, it seems only logical there should also be one for arrays.
I’m making the request more so it’s easier for new GDevelop users, and so there is some consistency in GDevelop usage and application of functions.

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Totally makes sense to me, as mentioned I just wanted to clarify on why there may not be a condition for every expression.

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I think there is, as not too long ago 4ian has added to built-in extensions an API to define both a condition and extension at once.

That’s fantastic!

Although I remember discussion stating that new conditions should really only be added if they do something new or simplify the amount of conditions needed elsewhere…however that was like a year ago and 2020/2021 barely existed, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that changed or I’m remembering wrong.