Add audio tags feature

At the moment we have audio channels to manage sound volume, etc.

But I want also audio tags, so that we can more subtly manage specific sounds rather than whole channels. We will be able to make more complex audio systems that are tied to specific objects using audio tags.

When audio filters become available (which I really hope they will, I know that Web Audio can do that), it will be possible to make a fairly realistic sound system using audio tags and raycasting.

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Correct me if i’m wrong but wouldn’t just allow sound channels be able to take strings would be the solution for your request?
So like instead of putting gun shot sound and enemy hurt sound on channel 1
I could specify channel as GameSounds?
And so we would not need audio tags but just a way for channel to not only take numbers but also strings?

Channels for global/group changes, tags for more specific, for example:
Ambients channel → noise(tag:biome.room1)
Sound effects Channel → hurt_sound1(tag:test_entity.hurt)
Voice channel → sentence1(tag:npc.voice)

Also example of use:
Player is underwater, so sound effects channel, voice channel and ambients channel get low-pass filter, but at the same time sound effects with specific tags, have sound panning relatively to player(listener), and for example have reverb if sounds are far away.

I am all in for your idea cause i am always in for things that give us more control over something

I would still ask for your feature + channels to accept strings to be implemented

Hello @raiguri ,
Thank you for your topic.
I read that you’d like to have audio tags to better manage your environmental sounds.
Could you please look at this topic and tell me if it’s on the same vain as yours? Audio and Channel management - #3 by BarelyGames.
Sure, the requested feature (aka solution) is not the same, but the need is. As I find it better to group topics by need rather than by solution, can I ask you to take a look at that older topic?

If the need is the same, can I ask you to like that message too?
That way I can merge this topic with that one to connect the dots and needs (which gives topics more votes and therefore traction).

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