Add background music

The music events is not working. I want to add a background music in my game but I cannot due to the music bug. Is there any way to code it in JavaScript?? And I have also tried sound events but it gives me a error whenever I export my game.

Please help.

you can use play sound with the music, that’s the way I do it now

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Does it works ?

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i haven’t tried to load the sound from internet. I always load them from disk.
Try in preview should work if it id possible

Maybe your problem is that you load audio from internet


I had ever added music from Spotify as the background music on my game. But to do that, it needs to convert Spotify music to local files via the DRmare Spotify Downloader Mac program. Then you are allowed to use Spotify music on the game.

Downloading music from Spotify is illegal. When buying Spotify you buy the right to listen to the music, but you don’t own the music. Therefore a you are not allowed to redistribute or use it like if it was seller on a CD.

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Hi, i have trouble with putting sound in my game too!
I download the files, and insert them into the game, but they come out as pretty much white noise.

Noise sounds like you might be playing your music file every frame, making a ton if overlayed instances of your music playing. Did you put a beginning of the scene/trigger once in your event that play the music?