Add button on tabs to show scene/events sheet

This is 4th time this week i see this question

Strange because before this week i seen it only like twice and i am almost a year here

To be fair when i first closed my events sheet it was not clear how to reopen it
How about we add + button on tabs or something like this

If you close events sheet then this + appear and when you click it it opens events sheet
While if you close scene then + appears next to events sheet tab and it opens scene tab

I really hope someone have better idea for this cause i know it is not intuitive (i mean my idea with +) but it was best one i had
But we need better way to re open closed tabs or some info or notification where to click to re open closed tabs
Because currently clicking it scene from project manager do feel cryptic and not obvious in any shape or form

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The strange thing is the fact in an old version if i remember well if you close the editor scene and you right click the tab of the event you can reopen the editor but cant do viceversa. (Maybe i am wrong about it) But yeah a button for reopen the tab would really a big QoL

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A topic already exists for this request.
Please head to "Open events" from context menu to comment / contribute :slight_smile:

I am closing this topic to prevent unclassified information.