Add checkbox for start enabled/disabled in Effects

If is possible add a checckbox to effects so we can decide if is enable or not from the start.

To avoid this events at the begin of the scene


I can see your point. Just a tip. If you create a group of objects, you can change their status with just one line. I feel like groups are highly underutilized.

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Hi, Is not for groups because you can have objects added to a group and they does’t have Effect added.

Hi very cool, Hi @Ulises how do I check the boxes?

Is a feature request is not implemented at all yet.

I know you want the checkmark for effects. I’m just saying that if you create a group of objects then you can enable/disable them with 1 action instead of 6.

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okay, i think it’s cool. Looking forward to the next update. I find that the more you work with Gdevelop, the more fun it is.

Sure I get your point and for now is the best bet.

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