Add CurrentSceneName() under conditions

Hi there,

Currently, I can only access “CurrentSceneName()” from an action such as “Change the scene”, but not as a condition (e.g. expression comparison) or even to store the result as a variable.

That way, I’m unable to use this in order to make a universal “go to next scene” function in my code.

The condition to compare two expressions, located at “All actions >> Other”, is for numeric values only, would be nice to have one for strings too :neutral_face:

You can store the scene name on a variable and compare it, but the variable must be a string variable. There are always two versions to modify/compare a variable: “Value of a variable” and “Text/String of a variable”. The scene name is a string, so you will get the CurrentSceneName() expression available only for string variables actions/conditions (or any other string expression, with a “.txt” symbol instead a summation/sigma) :slight_smile:

Thanks and you’re right on both counts. :slight_smile: