Add Expression Builder Button to "Change Scene" Events

Hey All,

While working on some stuff today, I realized that the “Change Scene” and the “Pause and Start New Scene” events accept expressions into their parameter fields, but do not have a expression builder.

Can this be added? Newer users are probably best served by the expression builder, and it is very useful for debugging.

For example, this action works fine:

However, this is how it looks in the action editor:

Likewise, there should probably be some conditions for “Scene is Currently (String Here)”.

You can do this via “Compare two Strings” and it works fine:
But most newer users will not utilize the Compare events unless absolutely necessary.

I think the expression autocompletion might clash with the scene name autocompletion. Not sure if we can add the builder without the special text field with expression autocompletion.

Hmm… but the the expression builder works with events like Change the value of a variable, even though those autocomplete variable names as well.

Wouldn’t it be the same concept?