Add file path to existing projects list

It would be great if the file paths were visible here, as you can see it’s hard to tell projects apart.

Godot has this which is great, you can see the file path.

I usually use the recent menu which is much easier in my opinion.

hopefully this is considered.


Hello Gem_Dev
Thank you for your message.

Can I ask a couple of questions to better understand your context so I can understand why you wish for this feature?:

  1. Where are you saving your GDevelop projects in local?
  2. If you’re saving different versions of the same project across different locations… why are you doing so?
  3. Why would you save projects with such similar names?

(other users are also welcome to answer to these 3 questions)
Thank you! :slight_smile:

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hello Luni,

  1. I usually save it in the GDevelop default folder in documents, I save some more important projects outside of the folder

  2. No, I do not save copies of the same project in different locations, I usually have them in one folder, if you’re wondering why I do this, it’s because sometimes I need to jump back to an earlier version of a project, it’s easier to have two copies, a recent one where you can do anything/test, and if anything breaks you jump back to the other if it doesn’t you just overwrite it. I understand the fact that this can be done with git, but some projects are not too important to have git in it.

  3. I usually just go with the generated name

    As in the screenshot above the name “Mean Wire” was generated, most of the time I’m creating a project to test out something basic or help someone with a quick fix on the forum, i don’t pay attention to the name.


Thank you for your reply!
All right: let me repeat what I understood to make sure that I got it right:

  • You might save different project versions of the same game on your Documents folder.
    For Example:
    Documents > Name of your Game > Project folder: Name of your game (version 1)
    Documents > Name of your Game > Project folder: Name of your game (version 2)… etc.
  • These saving method and structure could be for projects that are not very important (not worthy to go to GitHub) while you will save some “more important” projects in other locations outside “Documents”.
  • When you are creating a “project example” to help someone, you go with the automatically generated game.

Is this correct?

Some follow up questions:

  • When you create a new iteration of an existing project: do you keep this GDevelop automatically generated name for it?
  • If yes, why doing so instead of naming it like the original project and adding a “v2” at the end of the name?
    (This question is truly to understand your working methods -because I am interested on version control in local and cloud projects-, not to judge on if you’re doing it right or wrong)

yes, all three.

  1. yes, I do. like I said earlier the file name is the least of my worries when working on a project, I usually just set a name at the end of the development.

  2. I’ll explain this with images, so here I have a project name generated by gdevelop “ashamed throat”

now when I want another version of it like I explained earlier I save it in this way “ashamed goat2” All I do is add “2” or “3” and so on depending on the version.

now in gdevelop recent projects, you can’t tell them apart, to know which is which you have to click on the three dots and click on show in the local system, that’s a long method, which can easily be solved with the file paths being visible there, in my opinion the file path is more important than the project name :blush:

Sure you can ask all the questions I don’t mind I will answer all of them, I look forward to seeing this in gdevelop.