Add frames to sprite objects using the resource name

We should be able to add frames to an sprite object only by inserting the resource name in a text camp…

Sometimes you want to get an object animation and add an image that already exists in your project, but your only options are either saving and loading it from piskel or getting it from the file manager.

There should be a text camp just like the one you have at nine-patch objects.

Edit: idea - part 2

When clicking on the “v” symbol near the “+ Add a sprite” it currently displays options like “File(s) from your device”, “Choose from asset store”, “Use a public URL”

I think there should be a fourth option “Choose from resources”


I agree but it could be a long list. A box where you can start typing the name would help filter it by object name and/or direction. Maybe an option to only show the images that pertain to that object. Although, I’m not sure of the best way to implement something like that.