Add Instance Support and Export for consoles

I would like you to add support for several instances and how you can put remote support you can add to export to XBOX PLAYSTATION AND NINTENDO SWITCH console

If you mean you want the automated online build service to support consoles, this is unfortunately not feasible for a few reasons.

For all 3 major platforms:

  • to support native export you must be a licensed and authorized developer for that platform, which can cost upwards of $1000 or more.
  • You also have to be able to utilize their respective platforms SDK.
  • All three of them have requirements that you cannot use your dev license to compile games for other developers unless you have a publisher license, which is tens of thousands of dollars for each platform.

So with the above in mind, the online build service could not compile for consoles for you as it cannot utilize your dev license, nor would it be fiscally possible to maintain a publisher license.

Now, the engine allows you to export your source code locally, you could then take that and learn the console SDKs to adapt your code. Keep in mind Nintendo doesn’t support HTML5 games at all in their SDK, so you likely won’t be able to compile for it.

As far as your other request, if you give more detail as to what you mean by instances, and give an actual value/benefit gained, people can review and evaluate to determine if it is possible.

So for example in the first window you are making a game and you want to make another one and you open another window and there is still the theme and the account