Add Microtransactions

someone please get microtransactions to work?

Other engines have plugins or something

I just got to the middle of development for my game to realize there’s no microtransaction system at all

Most engines don’t have a microtransaction “system” per say. A lot of major engines require you to build it out yourself. The only exception that I know of may be Construct 3, but even it doesn’t have In-App Purchases (IAP) natively, as far as I know they have an IAP plugin made by a group of users that was adopted by the main team.

In the case of GDevelop, your best case right now is either:

  • Set up your microtransactions through Javascript events and the Google Play SDK for Android, or Cordova for Android/IOS.
  • Use Network Events with APIs to set up microtransactions (Such as Google Play or Steamworks)
  • Build your own system out via Javascript.

As of right now, it is on the roadmap as a suggested feature, and you can vote it up here:

Items are usually worked in order of most desired, and right now there are about 5 other things higher on the “Want” list today.


If i understand well, we can’t program in Javascript INSIDE GDevelop to resolve the case.
It’s unfortunate not to have the possibility inside GDevelop to execute by example a script JS.
If it was possible, this could help to resolve numerous other problems than the case we are speaking here.

It is possible lol. What do you think JavaScript events are for?

I think there is a mistake from me!
As i have never used javascript events, i thought that, in GDevelop javascript events, we could only use javascript instructions that GDevelop could understand!
It’s why i made the response above.

So, it’s true a plugin for miscrotransactions would be fine.

Would it kill you to do it yourself, instead of ordering people around?

Well, you could sell the game, like about everyone else, or you could use the Shopify extension.

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There are plugins for other engines like ue4, I don’t mean to sound so upset but I’m working under a contract and my client wants specific things in this game. I was just very upset, but it should be added.

Shopify is not a replacement because that costs a monthly fee. Why would anybody pay a monthly fee to do purchases.

I can understand where your concerns are coming from, but as of right now, your options are those I mentioned above:

Make your own JS based integration with the android and IOS SDKs, make an API based integration using events, or make your own wholly custom solution in JS.

Unfortunately, there is not currently something being actively worked on by the contributors or main dev that will give you IAP out of the box, and based on the current votes on the roadmap, it may not be anything picked up anytime soon.

Almost everyone actually. Transactions (especially secure and compatible with multiple payment systems ones) are not an easy task and certainly not free. Just to verify transactions you need a server. It can’t be cheap as making transactions just requires lots of money.

Well don’t engage yourself in doing stuff you cannot do then.