Add more coding languages

the current Gdevelop version has only java in the coding language
my idea is to add more coding languages like:
C / C++

and some more

1st GDevelop has no Java support.
2nd The whole point of GDevelop is using the events sheets system to be able to do any scripting without learning a programming language. If you want to use an engine with a traditional scripting language, you’re at the wrong place.
3rd JavaScript scripting is more or less free of maintenance cost, since GDevelop is made in JavaScript, we can just run JavaScript code alongside all the rest of the events JavaScript code, all we need to do is keep the internal API relatively clean for public use. It has its use too, since some APIs accessible in JavaScript are not yet exposed to the events sheets. That is not the case if we were to add support for other languages, we would need to put a lot of work into maintaining bindings of the APIs, a runtime for that language usable from JavaScript, IDE tooling and compilation for languages like C/++. Since it would run inside of a JavaScript environment anyways, you wouldn’t have access to any more APIs than JavaScript does anyways.

This is not something worth it, between the high maintenance cost, the fact that practically no one would use the feature, the fact that it is out of scope and against the core values of the project, and the fact that this would be practically useless since it wouldn’t add any new possibilities to GDevelop there is no way first class support for any of those languages would be added.