Add multiple events in one take


At event search, be able to hold shift and click in how many events you want (or marking checkboxes), then confirming it will lead to add all the events you selected to the eventsheet.

It is generally very boring when I want to quickly add multiple actions to an object, but once I add one, I either have to search for the object & the next action again, or as workaround I have to duplicate the action I just added, open it and click on the return button, so I am now on the object actions area and can search for the other action I want to add.

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This is something i am asking left and right in various places
And it should not be limited to events
Same with object list or variables list and resources list
Let us select multiple items with checkbox like we can on our phones
And perform SAME action on these multiple items selected
Most common things like copy delete add and so go on

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+1 I agree, there needs to be an easier way to edit / add batches, for the sake of speed/productivity. I definitely find myself doing the same things over and over again.