Add new variable as same type as to what last variable was changed in variable window

I noticed that when i select effect for object then it saves what effect i did select and when i again select effect to add to another object
Even after closing ad re opening gdevelop it still remembers my last selected effect

Could same thing be done to last global variable (most likely scene and object also)

Like if i add new variable here

Set it to number then each new variable i create is not string but same as to what i changed last created variable?

So if i create variable change it to number then hit + next added variable will also be number for example?

When i create variables to save in my projects i often just go and create bunch of variables i need to rename but they will be same type variables like number
So changing each time 10+ variables to number or whatever feels like could be avoided if same thing would be done to them like effects remember last selected effect


I was thinking about it this week for the same reason!

I thought there might be a box to choose the type of variable when we clicked to create it, but it would depend on two clicks in different places… So, I find your request much more practical.

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