Add Notes in between Conditions/Actions

“Note” Action/Condition where you can write Stuff and position between Conditions and Actions and it won’t affect the code.

vizual stuff:

  • hide the “add condition” and “add action” by pressing specific key(s) (for easier readability of the code)
  • color function where you can color the background of events (just slightly)
  • add dashes to put in between events for organization.

I love Gdevelop so much, thanks for the hard work.

Hey, as pointed out in the text that shows up when you are about to create a topic, you should only suggest one feature per post, and check for already existing feature request posts. (The toggle disable single actions/conditions was already requested)

So, you can contribute by leaving a like on their post and commenting about how would you think it is useful: Ability to disable specific conditions or actions within an event

Also, probably Lumi or any other moderator will ask you to edit this post and choose only one of the 5 requests you provided.


Hello @Kenabi
As mentioned by @Reborn (thank you for the advice, btw!) it is better if you create one request per topic.
So, please edit the original message to leave only one feature request, and make a new request for the features that do not have a message already. :slight_smile: