Ability to disable specific conditions or actions within an event

I think it will be helpfull if were possibel to “comment” some conditions or actions for debug purposes.
The way things are now it’s necessary to delete de conditions or the action to test if it’s the culprit for a bug.
I’m thinkig of the way is done in programming languages where one can transform a line or a group of lines in a comment to avoid its execution.


You can disable events and their subevents. I assigned it to the “d” key but you can right click and choose [toggle disabled]

Events editor - GDevelop documentation


Thank you Keith.
This one I didn’t know. Learning everyday :smiley:

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I’ve also noticed that i can only disabel the entire event.
What I’m proposing is to disable one or more conditions or actions of an event.
Anyway disabling an event already can be useful.

I’ve moved this over to feature requests and renamed it into the naming of how this works within the IDE.

To add some context: My understanding is this one isn’t possible out of the box due to how event object lists are built and processed.

This doesn’t mean it’s never going to be possible or this request won’t happen, just adding detail on why it doesn’t work that way today (if I remember correctly, at least)

That said, as a workaround, just right-click on the event, add a subevent from the menu, then drag the condition or action to that subevent and disable that single subevent.


Hello, is this ever added to the Engine yet?

nice workaround though :grin: