Add second weapon to player

hi I am currently using this example to take and leave the weapon, how can I add the possibility of getting to take up to two weapons at the same time and above all knowing how to switch them between them

I don’t know all of these type games, my referent is “Nuclear Throne”, left click = shoot, right click = to use ability. Some character can take 2 guns in same time, character look right you can see in hand (Gun1), character look left you can see in hand (Gun 2), these concret character if you click left (Gun 2 shoot), right click (Gun 1 Shoot).
Make these, put in variable [Grabbed] di weapons = 2 or specify class, for example gun Rifle in one hand and raygun in other!
variable [Grabbed] di weapon rifle type = 1
Position = Hand(Left) and boolean if you touch left
variable [grabbed di weapon ray type = 1
Position = Hand(Right) and boolean if you touch right