Add widget to the project

I am doing a game with a scoreboard. And i want to add the possibility to users to add a widget on their phones to check the scoreboard and maybe do other simple actions: it is possible? If yes how can i do?

You won’t be able to make the widget itself in the engine, no.

You could host some kind of server (or MQTT/Firebase) and use the Network (or MQTT/Firebase events) To upload their scores to that server.

You would need to develop the widget for the mobile device using their own SDKs external to GDevelop.

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But i want simply to do a widject with a specific text or other is it possible in the engine? If not there is a way to create this using JavaScript?

As far as I know, there is nothing in GDevelop that will let you make widgets on a mobile device, no, even via javascript events.

You would need to learn the respective SDKs for the mobile OS in question and understand how their widget systems work.

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In order to add widgets you need to code yourself in Cordova for iOS and Android Studio for Android devices.

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Ok, thanks for evryone