[Added] Custom Open AI model

I have heard about the idea of using Chat GPT in GDevelop before, but I believe that it is widely known that Chat GPT does not possess extensive knowledge about GDevelop. My suggestion is that GDevelop should develop its own version of Chat GPT. By utilizing Open AI’s custom assistants, you can upload information files to create a customized version of Chat GPT. If we could upload a dataset containing information from the wiki and forum, the assistant would be trained to have a thorough understanding of how GDevelop works and make its own valuable contributions.

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Peronally I could find all answers bymyself with the help of this forum and studying the official youtube tutorials which are short in its length.

I can’t imagine that Chat GPT could be more usefull than that in a pragmatic way.

And GDevelop, the no-code-engine seems already be the shortcut to develop games.

You should try this

I will try it thanks

For any sort of AI model, keep in mind all OpenAI api usage, including assistants, is no longer free as of February 1st, 2024.

It is also billed per session AND per actual call, plus indexing costs. With how large the GDevelop user base is, it would likely be prohibitively expensive to train, not to mention actually have people use it regularly.

true but it could be limited and be another feature for the Gdevelop Startup plan.

This was added, check this channel on discord.

A way to install this bot in other discord server? It would be useful for my users