[ADDED] Search in comments

I was recently going through an old big project of mine that I have not opened for ages and I had a hard time finding staff. I did comment everything but the project is huge. So I figured I “Search” in my comments but realised there is no such feature we can search only in parameters.


I think it would be extremely useful to be able to search specifically in Comments and able to jump to the comment if any part of the comment match the search.



Search in expressions is also an request, and search in group event too

For keep a trace.

Search in comment need addition in core (c++)
Comment and Group are two kind of events from gd::BaseEvent.
If someone want try to add research in comments, consider to add also the research in Groups because Comment and Group working also same way and one button for both in IDE should be enough.

The card is here.

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Search in comments will be possible in next release.
I’ve added this ! With lot of help from 4ian :innocent:
Starting write code in C++ isn’t a good choice when you didn’t know this programing language :sweat_smile:
Pull request on Github


Thanks a lot. It is going to be extremely useful :+1: