[Added to GDevelop] Conditions, Actions, and Expressions around Game Windows and Fullscreen

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High level (TLDR) I’d really like to see the following added:

More detail:

While continuing to work through a potential extension, I realized that there are some instances where I need to know if the game is set to full screen or not. There does not currently appear to be an expression that will tell you that.

As a workaround, I’m currently just setting a global variable when I toggle fullscreen manually, and if that variable wasn’t set (e.g. the player just hit f11 or maximized the window), I’m forcing fullscreen off. While this works, this is an ugly workaround and would both look and feel bad to the player.

Edit: Additionally, this workaround DOES NOT work if the player has maximized the window or hit F11 on preview, since Maximizing the window means that the “Deactivate Fullscreen” action no longer works.

Is it possible to detect this, and if so, can we get an expression added? (A condition would be great, too, but as long as an expression is added we could always just use “Compare two numbers” or “Compare two Strings” for the same effect)

From some checking, Electron does have controls around both fullscreen and maximized modes, so I think this should be possible? Overall, I understand that these items may not be valuable for mobile or some HTML5 instances, but they are important for Windows/Linux/Mac exports.

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Closing this thread to avoid accidental necro-bumps, as @arthuro555 already implemented these features a few versions ago.