Adding a for loop/ a local variable

gdevelop should be able to do a for loop, or make a local variable using the events

and also it should get an (atlas texture) support

Hi, except for the atlas texture both the for loop and the variable creation are basics of Gdevelop.

I would highly suggest to make one or two of the tutorials GDevelop 5 tutorials [GDevelop wiki] and check out the starters and examples to get an understanding of what you can do in the events.

i know how events works
its just that, would be better if gdev supports for loop nativly with events

Do you mean this?

a “for loop” not “for each”

Could you shortly explain which kind of operation you intend to do for which the ‘for each’- or ‘repeat’- blocks are not sufficient? I am asking just out of curiosity.

The thing with GDevelop is that it you can combine some of it’s basic functionality to perform other operations. Your “For loop” can easily be done with a variable (set to 0) and a "Repeat # times" block. Simply increment the variable within the repeat block, and you have yourself a for loop.

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i feel stupid doing this way