Adding a keypad which unlocks door

So im getting towards the end of my top down game, there is a code in my second room, i need to add a keypad in the first room which uses the keyboard or mouse (whichever is easier to do in gdevelop) to enter the code.

what i want is when player is in collision with the keypad, a text pops up saying something like “enter code”, and the player will need to enter the code, and then the door unlocks and only unlocks if its entered correctly. i dont know anything about this, im fairly new.

So you would want to put in a keyboard object that you would activate capturing text input and also adds the text to a text field. Then, maybe convert the string to num to compare that it is the same, and if so, then pass an unlock variable for the door or scene change, or what not, and if it is not equal, display a warning of incorrect code or something.

This is a snippet of code from one of my games that shows how I used it to set a player set name for the character, perhaps it help get you up and running for your code entry box. I hope that helps to get you pointed in the right direction to get up and running :slight_smile: