Adding a translation in the software

I want to translate the software into my language, I’m not an experienced translator so I can’t translate in crowdin
I downloaded the PO files. And I translated them with Google Translate, and now I want to add them to the software, how can I do that?

All translations are done on Crowdin.
Crowdin has an automatic translator on its website.

And I’m not sure we want Google Translate to do the work because the results are often bad.
That’s why we use Crowdin, because it allows us to validate the copy. And it allow us to nominate proof readers.
What is your languages?

I know a little English and I speak Hebrew.
Since I don’t speak English that well I can’t help with the translation on Crowdin
For me personally, the translation in Google Translate is good.
My question is how do I add the language file after the translation only in the software that is installed on my computer at home?

It’s not possible to import a translation file into the app.
Everything is made via Crowdin.
I checked we have a Hebrew section on it.

Some people started to translate, see for example:

Like I said above, Crowdin suggest few translatations, which are also automatic.