Adding Behavior/Function to a global object

So I’ve read all the documentation, and even gone through a tutorial or two, and I feel as if I’m still missing something essential in the whole adding a behaviour/function to a global object thing.
Basically I have a Button object (Global) with two animations. One is just the button, the second is displayed when the mouse is over it. Unpressed and Pressed respectively. I created a behavior, added a function which I set to a condition. I then added two events Cursor/touch on Button → changes animation to Pressed, cursor/touch is NOT on button (using invert condition) → changes animation to Unpressed. I then added this behavior to the object. My expectation being that now when I add a Button to a scene that it will behave this way automatically. It does not. I’ve tried adding Parameter (Button) Type (Mouse button text) - I was seriously trying anything at this point - I also tried adding the behavior to the event sheet, but while I see the behavior in the conditions selection, I can’t seem to select it. I also tried setting it to an action… Which sort of gets rid of the whole reason I wanted to add this behavior to the button… But again I was at a point where I was trying anything… Nothing seems to be working… I’m certain I’m missing something - probably obvious.

If you’re starting, I recommend that you first get working events in the standard events sheet, and when it works, you can try converting that to a function. :slight_smile:
We can’t give accurate help without seeing your events.

And next time, please use line breaks so your message is easier to read. :slight_smile:

So I did already get the events working in the standard events sheet.
I have this condition:
The cursor/touch is on “Button”
With this action:
Set the animation of “Button” to "Pressed
Then this condition:
!The cursor/touch is on “Button”
With this action:
Set the animation of "Button to “Unpressed”

These events work as expected on this page. But not wanting to have to repeat these on every scene - I have a lot of scenes, many of which have many buttons - I had hoped to modularize this behavior/function.

I’ve attached a screenshot of at least the first screen of my attempt to make the behavior.

If there’s anything else I need to reiterate in a more understandable/readable, manner please just let me know. And many thanks!

So I’ve continued to troubleshoot this on my own.
I realized I was entering my conditions/actions under the “Functions” which is different than “Behavior Functions” So I tried entering my conditions/actions under “Behavior Functions” instead.
I believe this means I’m closer, since now when I go under Parameters it now is reading Parameter #0: Object, Object Type: Sprite.
And Parameter #1: Behavior, Behavior Type: DepressButton (what I named the Behavior)
I’ve double checked that the Object is showing this Behavior in that tab (Edit Object → Behaviors)
But I’m still not seeing the expected behavior…
OH! And I also added this to my events sheet:
Condition: Beginning of scene
Action: Change the animation of “Button”
The action reads how I wrote it in the Configuration (Change animation of PARAM0)

I figured it out! I was so close after my last post…
I just removed the condition (Beginning of scene).
So blank condition. And the action the same - and now all the buttons are behaving as expected! Hope this helps someone else - and if anyone needs clarification on any of my steps, please don’t hesitate to ask!

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That’s not how behaviors work. What you want to do is from inside the behavior add a behavior function that checks if it is pressed or not. You can use a lifecycle function to determine every frame what animation it should be using and set some properties like if it is pressed and use a normal behavior function (not a regular one) to get the property stating if it is pressed or not.

Behavior functions are on the right tab when you open a behavior