Adding Global Timers

Note: This feature has been merged with Global Timer... could this be added?

Hey All,

While working through some ideas for the game I’m working on, one of them is to have a “time played” counter.

There’s a few ways to do this (Global Variable that is set to + TimeDelta()), but this got me thinking that the “cleanest” way to do this would be using a global timer. This functionality doesn’t seem to exist currently.

After talking about it on the discord, I wanted to throw up a feature request to see if it’s a viable option to be added.

Thanks all.


Plus it shouldn’t be very hard to implement.

  1. Add a timer array on RuntimeGame
  2. Make sure the runtime scene “game loop”/renderAndStep function updates also the timers of runtimeGame
  3. Add some instruction declarations to the extension definition.
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