Adding Prefab Docker to Layout Editor

Hello readers,
I was curious if anyone else here would be interested in a prefab system similar to unity’s. You would be able to use the layout editor in the same way, but would be able to select a group of objects, select them to be a prefab possibly through the pop-up menu, and be able to drag and drop from a docker, similar to the properties docker, all of the objects at once into your layout.

I would like to see this added because I am currently making a game that requires each enemy to be comprised of 3 or more objects. I understand copying and pasting is a possibility, but to have all of you prefabs in a handy toolbox would save a lot of time and traveling back and forth between layouts.


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As far as I know the devs have already indicated there’s no interest in emulating Unity, especially in GUI design(And they shouldn’t, Unity’s GUI is normally found pretty terrible for onboarding in general), as well as object management. However they may have something close to prefabs at some point in the future with events based objects.

Keep in mind Objects are and will always be scene specific unless you make them global. That’s unlikely to change even with this new functionality.

Definitely get what you say about unity :rofl: but I was just using it as an example to show roughly what I was looking for. I mostly just want a sort of prefab system, and its fantastic that the devs are thinking about making one. Can’t wait for that update!


I would be interested in having ‘object sets’ ready to go in GDevelop. Maybe someone can make an extension.