Adding tween behavior rearranges object's action order

When you add the tween behavior to an object, it rearranges the order of the available actions. It’s very confusing. You learn and expect them to be in a certain place. Please at least give us the option of not rearranging the order. Either put all of the tween actions at the top or into the sections that they correspond to but keep the sequence.

The left side is before adding the tween behavior, the right side is the after.


Cant see anything because image is too small

But i think i get what you mean
Yet i always use search bar so i don’t care for order of actions
But for someone with muscle memory remembering place of something i can see how it can be huge issue and should be dealt with


I updated the image but you may still need to save it or open it in a new tab to see all of it.
edit: I included color and numbers so the actions can be easier to identify.

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My god how i could i never notice that?
Now i see problem is huge i am all in for your request

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